In the past yogurt would sour within 3 days. Why today does not sour for long time ?
Yogurt is produced with high technology. The main reason for durability against getting souring is that it is produced by using fresh yeast.

In the past yogurt was being yeasted with another yogurt. Our yogurt types completes their shelf life without decomposing since produced under strong technological structure and hygienic conditions.
Is pasteurized milk harmful? What is pasteurization ?
It is the process of destruction of microorganisms in raw milk. Those microorganisms are harmful to human health. In this process the milk is heated and cooled in a closed system (72 ° C c for at least 15 seconds). During this process, the disease-causing organisms die and the nutritional value of milk is not lost. While boiling street seller’s milk, in addition to destruction of disease causing microorganisms, significant portion of milk protein and vitamins are lost. Therefore, boiling is not a pasteurization process.
Long Life Milk types include any additives ? How do they resist so long ?
We call the products as “long life products” those can keep its freshness in room temperature for months in case its package is not opened. Two-stage process for the milk needs to be done to make it durable : UHT processing and aseptic packaging technology. UHT is the abbreviation of English words Ultra High Temperature. In the process of UHT, milk for a period of 2 to 6 seconds at 135-150 ° C is heated and then cooled to room temperature. In this way, all the harmful microorganisms in the milk are purified and it is packed in aseptic caton packages which are closed to outside effects. The most important feature of aseptic technology is that, it prevents all types of interaction between the product and such external factors as air, light etc. This insulation is provided during filling stage. Our aseptic carton packages with their six-layer structure, the product is retained from all the external factors. Package layers from outside to inside, respectively, polyethylene agains moisture; reinforcement and strengthening cardboard; adhesive polyethylene; aseptic aluminium folyo preventing light, odor and oxygen; adhesive polyethylene; and fluid keeping polyethylene layer. Milk and other foodstuffs, without any additives, keep their freshness for months in aseptic packages. Source:Tetrapak.
As I opened the product packaging, I noticed that the milk was distorted although its expiry date was not exceeded.
For Long-life milk and milk products, the most important issue is the packaging to be sturdy and do not let the product contact with the air. Until reaching to the shelves, sometimes the goods are very mauled. Therefore, consumers should check packaging of the good very carefully.
Should pasteurized and UHT milk be boiled ?
Both of the milk types are handled in the thermal process. During this thermal process, micro-organisms are being destroyed without damaging nutrient values. There is no need re-boiling such types of milks at home. A second heating process causes the loss of nutritional value. However, before consuming, heating the milk before at 45 -50 ° C does not cause any harm to nutritional values of the milk.
I can’t drink milk. Can I substitute milk with any other diary products ?
Instead of milk, you can consume same amount of yogurt, cheese types, ayran etc. For example, a glass of milk is equivalent to two matchbox cheese.
Is the Milk required only for infants and patients ?
Milk, because of its nutrient ingredients must be consumed by people from any age groups. For balanced nutrition for babies 750 ml per day, 300-350 ml Children, Youth 350 ml, 250-400 ml of adult-elderly people, pregnant-lactating women who consumed 500 ml of drinking milk must be consumed.
Is there any height increase effect of the milk ?
Growing children need to take all kinds of high quality foods. The most important is the milk. Hereditary factors are important in increasing body height. However, it will provide much more contribution to growth, drinking 3-4 glasses of milk or consuming equivalent amount yogurt.
How much should Osteoporosis patients should drink milk ?
Drinking milk after getting osteoporosis will not be as useful as drinking milk during childhood. Some medications used to treat osteoporosis with an unwanted interaction between the calcium present in the milk. Such patients, should drink milk according to the instructions of the doctor.
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