Our vision is once to become a desired brand in Europen Side of Istanbul, then expanding to Marmara Region and to whole Turkey, thus to become Turkey’s leading milk and dairy products producer. Our goal is to ensure the consumption of high-quality products in each level of society and thus to prevent the consumption of unsafe nutritions. To reach that target we collect high quality raw milk from Thrace Region. Via secure and high tech equipments, we process it in the best way and get high quality goods. A sought-after brand can be realized by providing satisfaction not only to consumers but also to employees and suppliers. Our greatest wish is to reach this level.


Our mission is to carry milk and dairy products consumption to wide social classes with high quality standart products and with the optimum prices. Thus, we will be able to assist in bringing up healthier people, so to set up a healthier society. All these will support getting progress of industrialisation process of our country. Our most important duty is to produce milk and milk products, which are the basic food requirements of our consumers, without any harmful additives because, our goods’ quality means our quality. “If food is the fundemantal requirement of all of us, then safe food should be the fundemantal right of every human being. We accept this as principle keep our production.
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